Rugged Windows Tablets

Perfect for Mobile Use in Industry

Our Rugged Windows Tablets are optimised for mobile use in industry, logistics or for working in the field. Equipped with Windows 10 IoT as standard, these devices can be excellently integrated into existing IT infrastructures. In addition, high security standards can be achieved for the collection and transmission of sensitive data.

Due to the robust design, the tablets continue to work where normal tablets reach their limits. The encased housings with shock-absorbing corners and edges protect the devices from knocks or bumps. The encapsulated design allows the devices to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, dirt and splash water without damage. The LED backlit screens provide high-contrast details even in bright sunlight.

Quickly replaceable, powerful batteries guarantee a long runtime and stability even in mobile multi-shift operation. All components such as chipsets and screens are optimised for reliability, performance and energy efficiency. Whether in sales, in the warehouse, in production or in outdoor use - our rugged tablets keep processes running stably.

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