Our goal for you is Plug & Play

Whether tablet PCs, POS systems, digital signage PCs: We want the delivery, installation and commissioning of our PC systems to run smoothly for our system integrators. To this end, we have developed the “Total Preparation Service“.

This service is ideal if you have to install and configure a large number of PC systems at your customers’ premises – for example, if you have distributed office and branch locations. As a VAR (Value Added Reseller or System Integrator), you can of course charge your customers for the services we provide centrally. With these steps we save time and costs for you:

  1. Installation and activation of the operating system and all necessary updates
  2. Installation and activation of required playback software, VPN clients, device management clients and other software
  3. Configuration of a user account with desired authorization restrictions (Topic: Security in Signage Networks)
  4. Burn-in or stress test according to customer requirements, in order to identify unreliable components in advance, if necessary
  5. Customer BIOS, e.g. with preset master password or auto-boot on power supply
  6. Clear labeling of all PCs and packaging, e.g. with MAC addresses, destination of assembly, etc.
  7. “Just in Time” delivery directly to the installation site, gladly also with your delivery note

Together with you, we define in advance all the accompanying services that we can provide in the course of assembling the systems. In this way, a standard PC becomes a ready-to-use, customized PC solution that only needs to be assembled and wired at the installation site. Even an automatic switch-on at power supply can be preset.

You are welcome to provide us with a master image for this purpose – in which case the installation is even free of charge for you.

If you want us to create the master image according to your specifications, we will be happy to make you an offer.

Are you planning a digital signage hardware project for a company with several locations? Read on ip-insider.de why the renowned digital signage service provider Apovid relies on hardware from CONCEPT International.

The article explains how our service not only enables you to implement plug and play solutions, but also to avoid common sources of error in the field of digital signage:

  • Highest reliability by storing the player runtimes in the BIOS settings
  • intelligent watchdog – triggers reboot in case of software problems. By the way, also for our low-priced Android PCs!
  • No more worries about embarrassing bluescreens like “CMOS battery low – press any key
  • Smooth replacement of faulty devices with preconfigured replacements

Do you have any questions about our Total Preparation Service? Feel free to contact us!


We can also customize PCs and signage players even for relatively small quantities:

  • individual branding
  • individual color
  • individual hardware modification (omit ports etc.)

Please contact us!