How well are tablets protected against water or dirt?

Looking for a Rugged Tablet or Rugged Handheld and wondering how much protection they offer? IP protection classes provide the answers. We explain what to look for: What does IP65 mean? What is an IP67 certification? The following table provides an immediate overview how well tablets are protected against water and dirt.
Originally, IP protection classes (IP codes) were not used for tablets or computers. They apply to other types of electronic devices, like lighting. The idea was that users could see at one glance whether a device is suitable for use at a construction site or in a factory environment, where damage form rain, moisture, sand or dust is a constant threat.

The higher the number, the better the protection

The IP code according to DIN EN 60529 consists of two digits. The higher the number, the better the protection. The first digit (for example the 5 for IP54) stands for protection against hazardous particals (sand, dirt, dust) and contact. The scale runs from 0 to 6. The second digit (in our example the 4) explains the protection against water. This scale ranges from 0 to 9. For Rugged Tablets, Rugged Smartphones and Rugged PCs, three protection classes are particularly relevant: IP54, IP65 and IP67.


IP protection determines the suitability of tablets for employment in manufacturing, food processing, fire departments, police, disposal or maintenance. Other important features for Rugged tablets, such as temperature range, humidity range, shock and vibration protection, are not covered by IP protection classes, but commonly expressed by MIL-STD standard.

We offer tablets with Tablets IP65 und IP67 protection in different versions. Tablets IP54 (“semi-rugged” tablets) are also available. If handiness is required, we also offer Rugged Handhelds.