Boosting Efficiency with Tablets from DT Research

Murray Equipment in the USA manufactures automatic fertilizer dispensers and special equipment for agricultural operations. Rugged tablets from DT Research simplify mobile control and efficiency monitoring of the equipment – saving time and money in an extremely demanding environment.

Plant Control with Rugged Tablets – Mobile and Reliable

For Murray Equipment’s customers, reliable and time-saving technology is key. After all, large agricultural operations work with Mother Nature – and the weather in particular is a source of unpredictability. Rugged tablets from DT Research simplify the process for loading and applying fertilizer – at the interface between workers and loading stations.

With the mobile solution, workers can now control equipment directly from their load vehicles and respond flexibly to load levels or technical processes. The smooth process allows daily fertilizer application rates to be kept high. Farmers in the USA have just eight weeks to apply up to 500 tons of fertilizer per day.

Reliable Performance Even in the Toughest Conditions

The engineers chose DT Research’s 395-series of rugged tablets. These differ from ordinary consumer tablets in their significantly increased resilience, as well as in their intelligent solutions for working in challenging environments. After all, changing light conditions, vibrations from machinery or accidental knocks and bumps in agriculture are part of everyday life.

The tablets are designed according to the IP65 protection class and the MIL STD 810G military standard. They can therefore withstand drops from great heights, extreme cold and heat, as well as dust, moisture and vibrations. In addition, they are equipped with anti-reflective, as well as high-resolution HD touch screens that accurately display all elements of the control software. For detailed information, please refer to our product overview.