GPS Tablets

Perfect positioning in the GIS area

GNSS tablets allow you to perform the most demanding GIS applications with an ultra-portable and robust device. Special antennas for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) as well as 3D cameras for geo-referenced volume surveys are part of the integrated scope of services. The measuring accuracy goes up to an astounding one to two centimetres. This makes the GPS tablets suitable for critical tasks in land surveying, road and canal construction, plant and ship building, agriculture as well as rescue and transport.

High-end GNSS equipment is best housed in a rugged tablet. The tablets we have assembled here have large, bright and high-resolution displays that can even be used in sunlight. At the same time, they are insensitive to vibration and shock, dust, humidity, high temperature fluctuations and water. Electromagnetic compatibility according to MIL standard is also certified for some devices.

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Security of GIS data is comprehensively supported

Numerous features ensure the security of the data collected with the GNSS tablets. Look out for hardware mechanisms such as slots for smartcard readers or NFC interfaces that enable authentication with Mifare or Legic key chips, for example. In addition, the tablets can of course also be protected on the software side against theft or unauthorised access - for example, via PIN codes. You can also encrypt contents on the hard disk via cryptographic TPM chips - keyword Bitlocker.

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