Rugged Android Tablet

Our Rugged Android Tablets enable connected work even in remote locations. While normal tablets are mainly used for home office and entertainment, rugged Android tablets are used for rough work on construction sites, in the field, in medical care or in logistics.

What distinguishes these tablets? The rugged devices can withstand any weather and also shocks: thanks to the extended temperature range for operation and transport, the devices can withstand extreme heat or cold. The sealed and hardened housings protect against environmental influences such as dust, dirt and rain. Shock-absorbing corners and edges provide protection in case the units are accidentally dropped or bumped. This saves companies unnecessary costs for repairs or spare parts.

A powerful operating system is also essential. Android from Google has also established a strong position for itself in the rugged tablet market. The variety of available apps makes the platform particularly attractive for permanent "remote" use far from the nearest company headquarters.

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