The range includes a practical all-rounder for logistics and robotics, a workhorse for extreme environments, a PC with top-hat rail mounting for switch and distribution cabinets and a versatile IPC with an extra large number of interfaces.

Munich, March 12, 2024 – Value-added distributor Concept International has expanded its industrial PC portfolio to include devices from the manufacturers Giada and FutureIPC. Four IPC series with individual strengths and application options are now on board: Giada’s bread-and-butter model AE613 in a handy booksize format, FutureIPC’s IA series models with an extended temperature and voltage range and extra many interfaces. Thirdly comes the ID series as a practical top-hat rail PC and the fully encapsulated IPK series as a PC for environments where high humidity prevails. The range of applications for the industrial PCs extends from general industrial tasks and the control of switch cabinets to highly specialized environments, such as in irrigation systems or commercial kitchens. The IPCs are now available from Concept International.

Giada and FutureIPC offer handy and powerful devices for every scenario. From robust and fanless players for use in harsh, dirty and damp environments to high-end products for control technology or analytics. The following four devices and series are new to the Concept International order list.

The affordable industrial PC for all situations: Giada AE613

Inside the AE613 beats an Intel Core-i heart of the 12th or 13th generation (“Raptor Lake”) which is available with i3, i5 or i7.

An extended voltage range of 12 to 24 V is particularly advantageous for environments with specified voltages, such as in production or mechanical engineering, and is frequently requested by customers. A practical side effect is that a separate voltage converter is no longer required. This not only saves costs, but also reduces ageing components and increases safety, as defective power supply units are often a cause of cable fires. Last but not least, the effort involved in having each power supply unit tested separately is also reduced.

Thanks to its fanless design, the AE613 is robust and insensitive to dust and temperature fluctuations. It works reliably in ambient temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees.

A version with vPro Enterprise technology is also available which provides improved security technology and is also equipped with a remote maintenance function down to BIOS level. This is extremely helpful, especially for devices in the industrial sector, that are often permanently installed or difficult to access.

The space-saving booksize format (200 x 150 x 50 mm) rounds off the overall package and makes the industrial PC a real all-rounder for the industrial sector, not least because of its attractive price/performance ratio.

When you need a little more: the FutureIPC IA series

Extending beyond the norm, the IA series from FutureIPC boasts a broader voltage range, spanning from 9 to 36 V. Surpassing conventional limits, devices within this series offer enhanced temperature resilience, accommodating extreme environments ranging from -30 to +70 degrees. Their versatility makes PCs from this series a standout choice for applications in the outdoor digital signage sector.

The IA series also manages without a fan, which makes it ideal for industrial applications where it can get damp and dusty. Examples can be found in the automotive industry or in manufacturing and control technology. An aluminum housing also provides extra protection against shocks and signs of wear.

Featuring a multitude of interfaces, the series distinguishes itself, boasting three Ethernet ports (two 2.5 Gbit and one 1 Gbit), eight USB ports, and four COM ports.

FutureIPC’s IA, ID, and IPK series of IPCs come equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core i processor (available in i3, i5, and i7 variants), alongside standard Windows 10/11 or Linux Ubuntu. Preparation is underway for the pin-compatible CPUs of the 13th generation to be integrated into the lineup.

Small but powerful! The FutureIPC ID series

The ID series from FutureIPC (“D” for DIN rail) comes with an industrial fan and can be easily clipped onto DIN rails. It is perfect when high performance is required in distribution boards or control cabinets. The PC is surprisingly small.

As the interfaces on this series are located at the front and sides, connection in angled cabinets or where space is limited is no problem. Its small format – the PC measures just 185 x 116 x 50 mm and is therefore even smaller than the booksize standard – is its biggest advantage here. It is easy to patch and cable – and easy to replace thanks to a simple top-hat rail snap lock.

A 12th generation CPU from Intel also provides the necessary power here, so that the ID1200 is ready for use for simple switching tasks through to demanding industrial control. The PC is also available in a more cost-effective and fanless version with an Intel Atom X6425E CPU.

An extended voltage and temperature range is available as with the IA series. Three LAN ports, four USB ports, two COM ports and two HDMI ports provide the necessary connectivity.

Another plus point: the maximum power consumption is deliberately limited to 35 watts: this can be operated without any problems even in tightly packed control cabinets.

Hard shell, strong core: the FutureIPC IPK series

The IPK series from FutureIPC is the PC for extreme situations. Thanks to fully encapsulated connectors with a special cable harness supplied, it is protected against normal moisture as well as water, dust and dirt. It can therefore be used in agriculture, irrigation systems, commercial kitchens or factories, in outdoor areas and even in the military. Water resistance is guaranteed by IP69K certification. In practice, this means that daily cleaning with a steam jet is no problem – if you want, you can even operate the PC under water.

But even in less humid areas of use, the PC is well protected by an aluminum housing. This not only ensures a long life cycle, but also provides the necessary thermal dissipation, as it has no fan. In line with the industry standard, all series run reliably 24/7.

The interfaces are: two LAN ports, two USB ports, one COM port and one HDMI port.

Variable mounting options such as a VESA bracket and retaining clips also ensure a high degree of installation flexibility.

“The right device for every need!”

“With our new addition to the industrial PC portfolio, we now really do have the right device for every need. Industry 4.0 needs a reliable partner and powerful PCs. We have the necessary expertise and deliver performance at an affordable price,” says Mike Finckh, Managing Director of Concept International, about the new range.

Plug & Play is the motto

All PCs are now available from Concept International. The Giada AE613 is available from 740 euros in the i3 version including Windows Pro, while the price for the FutureIPC devices starts at 740 euros in the Intel Atom version. Concept also offers attractive conditions and SLAs for resellers, digital signage and AV system integrators. There is also a standard two-year warranty (optionally five years) on all devices. With the Total Preparation Service, the Munich-based distributor supports the roll-out of projects on request and offers project-specific configurations as well as an endurance test of the PCs. The stock in Germany ensures a quick replacement if required and the customer does not have to worry about anything else. A nationwide on-site service will also be introduced shortly.

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