Flexible Operating System for Industrial PCs and Digital Signage Solutions

As the successor to the Windows 7 Embedded Standard versions, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is particularly well adapted to 24-hour use in industrial systems. The absence of the usual Windows 10 gimmicks such as Appstore, Edge Browser, multimedia and Office apps is striking. But the operating system is also upgraded in some places. These include:

  • A long-term support,
  • a clear licensing model,
  • extensive, precisely configurable security settings,
  • various customising options andBranding and customising for devices with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • long and controllable cycles for system upgrades.
  • Branding und Customizing für Geräte mit Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Branding And Customising for Devices with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Resellers and users can move the universal and traditional “Windows” appearance on their industrial PCs and digital signage solutions completely into the background with Unbranded Boot, Embedded Logon, Shell Launcher and Assigned Access: The focus is fully on the individual application and the strictly controlled allocation of user access. In addition, the OEM information can be modified: You can, for example, insert your own company name and logo as well as store support times, telephone numbers and URLs for customers.

Continuous Security Updates and Long Upgrade Cycles

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers you comprehensive security: Security updates and hotfixes are automatically applied to all software versions on a monthly basis. Software upgrades, i.e. functional additions to the respective Windows 10 version, are provided by Microsoft every six months, typically in March and September. Since these upgrades are extensive – and thus always cause a download of several gigabytes – they are also deactivated depending on the software version. Below is an overview of the different upgrade models:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch, version 1607) and its successor Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2018 LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel, version 1803) offer the deferral of software upgrades. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 is still supported with automatic updates until 2026.
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise SAC (Semi Annual Channel), formerly Current Branch for Business (CBB): This software version updates automatically through upgrades once every six months.

Clear and Affordable Licensing

Regardless of the software version, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise has a clear pricing model with three classes: Entry, Value and High End for different CPU performance levels. Here at Concept International, we offer these price levels for digital signage solutions, industrial PCs and kiosk systems:

  • Atom and Celeron CPUs at a low entry price
  • Pentium and Core-i processors at the Value price (about twice as high as Entry)
  • The Windows 10 Professional Used License is available from CONCEPT as a particularly low-priced variant. This results in a low-priced alternative for Pentium and Core-i PCs at Entry* level. Here you do without the advantages of the reduced IoT Enterprise version. It is advisable to adapt the operating system so that, for example, notices are hidden. A large upgrade download can be skipped via a delayed upgrade time and a manually triggered upgrade.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise thus offers you a wide range of possible usages in the IoT sector. For digital signage solutions, industrial PCs and kiosk systems, Concept International also supports you in the roll-out of projects with the Total Preparation Package: Project-specific configuration and endurance testing allow the devices to be rolled out quickly, even in large quantities.

*Note: With a Windows 10 Professional licence, you will not be able to avoid the copyright fee of the ZPÜ (Zentralstelle für private Überspielungsrechte). This amounts to 13.19 euros for consumer PCs and 4.00 euros for business PCs. It is difficult to prove that it is a business PC and not a normal PC. For this reason, the digital signage sector usually works with a flat rate of 9.19 euros – resulting in the Professional plus ZPÜ price being at the same level as the IoT Entry variant.